In addition to cool weather and holiday excitement this is also the time of year many seniors begin to become stressed and even a bit overwhelmed. No I’m not talking about your family visiting at Thanksgiving or even your long holiday shopping list… it’s the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, the time of year in which seniors on Medicare can change their coverage for the coming year.

As the Annual Enrollment Period (which runs from October 15 – December 7) grows near you may also notice your mailbox begin to fill to the brim with Medicare advertisements and see countless TV commercials from insurance companies advertising their Medicare plans. With so much advertising and countless insurance company sales pitch’s it can truly be hard to know who to believe and how to make a well informed decision!


Our team at Medicare Hero has put together a list of the best resources, helpful tools, and expert tips to ensure a successful and stress free 2019 enrollment period.


Helpful Tools

Compare Medicare Part D RX Plans Online

The Medicare.gov Plan Finder Tool is the best way to shop and compare RX Plans online. You can enter your zip code, pharmacy you use, and the medications you take and it will compare all the of the different Part D RX plans available and help you find the one that will save you the most money over the course of 2018.  Click Here to Use The Medicare.gov Plan Finder Tool


Shop and Compare Medicare Supplement Plans ONLINE!

Medigap Quotes

Our new online Medicare Supplement quoting tool can instantly show you rates for over 20+ insurance companies! Our clients save an average of $800 per year by simply shopping between different insurance companies to find the best price!

Click Here To Start Shopping


Great Articles and Resources

2018 Road Map To Medicare Webinar Now Available!

free Medicare webinarLet’s face it… Medicare can be confusing!  This free educational webinar series is the absolute best way to learn about Medicare, understand ALL of your coverage options, and discover the most important 2018 Medicare updates… all in less than an hour! Register to watch this online webinar right from your smart phone, tablet, or computer… it’s that easy! Click Here To Learn More



The Stress Free Guide To Medicare – Free Download

stress free guide to medicare

Cut though the sales pitches and legal terms and discover exactly what you need to know about Medicare and selecting your new coverage. These powerful 38 pages were written by Medicare experts in an effort to make Medicare easy to understand, provide a clear and simple step by step path to enrolling in your new coverage, and highlight the most important tips to saving money on Medicare.  Download Your Free Copy Here



Video: How To Find The Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Skip the insurance company sales pitch and learn how to easily find the best Medicare Supplement plan for you! We show you in simple terms exactly how Medicare Supplement plans work, what to look for in your coverage, and which plan offers the best value! Watch this short video today… it could save you a bundle of money this year! Click Here To Watch The Video



Video: Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G.. Which One Is The Best?

Choosing the right Medicare Supplement plan can often be a confusing process. Watch as we show you exactly what the differences are between these two popular plans and how one of them could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Click Here To Watch The Video



Video: Medicare Advantage VS Medicare Supplement Plans

One of the most important decisions when it comes to your Medicare coverage is the selection of either a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plan. While both types of coverage can work very well, it is critical that you select the plan that will work the best for your needs. Click Here To Watch The Video


Dental and Vision Coverage with Medicare: How to find the best coverage

Medicare simply doesn’t cover most dental and vision services we are most likely to need. Follow along as we discuss exactly what Medicare will cover and what our clients have found to be the best dental and vision plan available! Click Here to Continue Reading


Short Term Care: A Major Gap In Medicare!

While Medicare does provide quality healthcare benefits we are still at risk for bills for physical therapy relating to both short term care and long term care which on average can cost a staggering $4,000 to $6,000 per month!

Click Here To Watch The Video

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